About JPI

We're not just another company selling gym apparel.

Our team has strong links with Weightlifting and CrossFit, we understand the sports, especially in Wales. Although we are a limited company, we are extremely keen to support the development of athletes in everything Functional Fitness. 

All of our team are keen lifters and coaches in numerous sports and our varied skill set has lead to sourcing high quality clothing items with the best available printing methods. Designed By Lifters For Lifters. 

We aim to design the best quality clothing, which looks good and is great to lift in.

Where did the 'Just Pull It' tagline originate?

Many lifters over complicate the technique of the classic lifts. When developing as a lifter its common to over think and complicate the understanding for the lifts. Throughout our lifting experience, a key phrase has been developed to focus on…

"Don't think…   Just Pull It"